SLiPCoR Blog updates by SLiPCoR en Thu, 13 Dec 2018 03:52:09 GMT Heat The summer has struck hard this year, and it is really hard to stay focused with 30°C in the evening after work. Progress will continue to be slow, especially in the music department, it is too exhausting to invest the literal energy needed. Coding does still progress, but I think I will look into gaming more, streaming something here and there... Stay awesome :) Chris Wed, 25 Jul 2018 14:52:06 GMT Short Hiatus Update Hey there :) It's my first week after the 4-week-hiatus I had - starting with YouTube stuff, and coding will be next week :) As I touched on in the last blog post, the main work-after-work topics are alternating, and the only constant will be music, due to the band rehearsals being weekly anyway ^^ So, this will will probably not get any public coding updates, but next week will. I am looking forward to working on Onslaught consistently again :) See you then! Chris / SLiPCoR Mon, 14 May 2018 17:28:40 GMT Hiatus Half-Time? So far this month has been a success, I feel that I have been stuck in some negative feedback loops that kept me stuck internet things, distracting me from what I really want to do, a very big part of my daily time. So as I kicked this out, even though I focused a lot on my RL, I was able to edit a youtube video which, by the definition of the way I do it, takes longer time than daily upload people do it - the rest has been slow as predicted, but I came up with a change of schedule. The way I work on things will be changed from a by-day-basis to a by-week-basis. So far, I basically focused on things for [parts of] a day and next day I changed the subject from Golf to Onslaught or to My Little Blacksmith Shop. I think this change with 7 day gaps [more if stuff in RL happens...] has been detrimental to my progress, as I had to get back to things like "where did I stop last, where am I going right now", I am very certain I will produce better and more consistent results when I focus, literally, by not changing things around too much, and still, taking breaks every day. So updates will happen less frequently but then I should have more things to show. Is that good? I believe it is :) Take it slow and be cautious around crazy countries like Germany who "celebrate" the first of May by rioting in the streets ^^ Chris Sat, 28 Apr 2018 20:38:51 GMT No fooling around in April This month, progress has been very slow, as I am preparing for a hiatus of some sort. I will focus on some RL things starting this saturday, basically I'll stop actively checking/participating in social media, reflect on some things, and refocus my priorities. The end goal is a more balanced way of living which will result in more stable health and focus on the tasks at hand - so hopefully overall better results through concentration on the things that really matter and benefit me and the things that are important to me. Things that are still happening (as doable offline): * Onslaught coding - I really am motivated to get back to that without self-distraction * Soccer Physics Theme - this really is tickling my fancy at the moment, even though it might have been a bit too ambitious, so I will be focusing on drum practice * Dune II [midi->somethingelse] music recording Even though I just recently discovered that what I used a base for my GP files is considered inferior to the Dune 2000 soundtrack, by Frank Klepacki himself - I was considering taking this soundtrack as reference, which would then basically push me back --- but part of me does not like all aspects of the new soundtrack - and the things I like, I feel like I would not have to add to it or I would not be able to actually do this justice then. Dune 2000 is actually using a synthetic orchestra in WAV audio, where Dune II used the midi channels which had enormous restrictions and thus I felt I would be able to add to it. To the orchestra version, I am not so sure about. Maybe this will turn into something wholely different, like an original album inspired by the dune vibe / melodies. I have felt the need to get back into creative things, like writing songs, or other artsy things... but this requires some focus I do not have at the moment because I have too many things on my plate I am checking on a literal time schedule so I am able to get everything done - which I fail regularly right now because work has been getting to me in a way that I was tired after work for two weeks, every day. So far, everyone has been understanding and supportive of what I do and of my hiatus. Thanks for that, and hang in there, I am not gone, and I do not plan on abandoning anything I started, yet. Yes, the MiniGolf game is also still in progress :D Have a nice spring start and see you soon! Chris Wed, 11 Apr 2018 00:23:09 GMT Last week of rest Updates will resume in February, I just had to take some time off to recharge my batteries :) Cheers Chris / SLiPCoR Thu, 25 Jan 2018 01:16:52 GMT This blog is also used for music updates! Alright, after finishing up some behind-the-scenes things about the blog, I am back again with a little update about music! As some of you might know, I am into covering, recording, sampling, and all the issues that come with it. Mostly the issue is that I can do most things only privately, for myself, unless I get the consent of the involved copyright owners. Well, it happens to be the case that the author of <a href="">Undertale</a>, Toby Fox, gave me explicit consent to do covers of his soundtrack, and that I will do. Current progress is, that I have created Guitar Pro files of all tracks that made sense to make into covers [almost all of them], and as I recently got done with this task I have been chewing on for the whole year, I am taking the rest of the year off. In 2018, you can expect some little things that show my progress on the recording of songs, or on my jamming to it, we will see. I am planning to use this blog here and my <a href="">music section</a> to offer updates on the progress, next to my <a href="">YouTube</a> account. Any questions? Write a comment! Cheers Chris / SLiPCoR Fri, 10 Nov 2017 15:24:05 GMT