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16/05/20 ( 17:58:59 )
Animation - JAVA

07/05/20 ( 14:49:18 )
Blog update and - JAVA

11/01/20 ( 02:06:48 )
Happy New Year!

16/05/20 ( 17:58:59 ) - Animation - JAVA #coding

Oh boy, I am pretty happy about the progress... Practically of what you see in this video I thought was not possible and... I did it :)

Here is a link to the animation update from way back in 2017 - click - and here is a preview of what it looks like in Java atm:

I am jumping through some hoops to make this possible and it is far from perfect, but does it not look much better already? Note that the road is already generated with a given Point array which I thought was IMPOSSIBLE. But I am actually drawing the road into its own mask MovieClip and I can move, scale, draw, and do everything I need.

THE ONLY THING that is missing before I can really, really relax and easily copy paste the rest of the code and be almost done (famous last words, I know) is the relational way that MovieClips had their positioning work. I am not even sure how this worked with the animation tweening you send things to coordinates and they get turned into global coordinates on the fly??

So to explain.. Think about the BlackHole instance there, it is sitting at x = 20, y = 20. If I now create BlackHoleDebris, and set it to be at coordinates (0, 0) - in flash, this puts it at 20, 20 automatically... and so... I wonder how this works because when moving, the engine-VisualEffect tells it to go to the Black Hole coordinates, (20, 20) - would this not result in 40, 40 ??? I have to do some magic for this to work, but I will make it happen :)

Hope that you are safe and healthy, and don't hug strangers, especially in these times.

Much love

Chris / SLiPCoR

07/05/20 ( 14:49:18 ) - Blog update and - JAVA #coding

I added some things and changed some things about the blog... It looks less empty now, especially if I did not post in a while, it shows the last entries on the left side. Who knows when I can show something again, and until then people can still see the latest updates in case they missed it :P

Speaking of which, I decided to give up on Unreal Engine. The GUI restrictions really killed my motivation and I ground to a standstill every time I tried to fix it.

And in the meantime I remembered that Java showed some promising results when I was fiddling around with it. Basically all my former problems have been solved in the meantime, I created proof of concepts for all the former issues. Image scaling, rotating, transparency and collision detection.

So the only thing that I see breaking this motivation is the backbone implementation of:

1) Visual Effects - smooth transitions that change positioning, alpha levels based on possible FPS - but I am confident that I can emulate this by actually using the Engine that Gaby put in place which did not rely on stable FPS but accounted for lower framerates and by mathematical design even faster framerates :D

2) Actors - now Objects - receiving tick rate updates as often as possible. This is just a matter of hooking up all Objects, on Creation, to a tick manager which should not be a problem. As we are talking about trivial calculations mostly, todays CPUs should handle even clumsy implementations like mine with no problems.

So all in all I am very convinced that it paid off that Gaby created a sturdy Engine system, using great coding standards that were voluntary in AS2, and are required in most current languages, most of which help me big time coding this to Java.

The progress so far is that 25% of lines are ported. It actually is possible to take many lines as they are, which is why I am literally copying the existing classes and creating new ones where needed. Oh boy, ActionScript really was happy with you creating Objects and assigning values to them that then you could just shove over other defined objects, overriding the values no matter what they are... this does not work like this in most of current languages...

But I will get this done. I am hopeful that I can create a working game demo this month, but it depends on the next weeks. As many people complain that they have so much time when they have to stay at home, for me work continues as if nothing had changed, I just work from home.

Anyway... Have a good one and stay healthy.

Yours Chris / SLiPCoR