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28/06/21 ( 02:59:30 )
The Finish Line!

03/11/20 ( 20:38:58 )
Rest in Peace, Flash!

11/10/20 ( 16:55:23 )
Onslaught update

26/12/17 ( 22:26:34 ) - Back to work? Not quite yet ^^ #coding

I hope you all had a fine round of holidays.

I am still recovering from a cold, and I will be on vacation over new year's, so I am not sure there will be much progress until then. Well I do not expect anyone to sit here and hold their breath anyway.

If you are one of those people, it is time to stop. Now.

Have a great start into the new year, I will be back with updates in the second or third week of 2018 :)

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10/12/17 ( 13:51:09 ) - Progress of one month #coding

Alright, so it seems that one month has passed since I started porting Onslaught to the Unreal Engine.

Just today, I updated the file counts to properly reflect the actual code base that I am dealing with, by removing third party classes that I can not or will not use. From around 16% progress before, we jumped to a solid 20%. So given that, we can expect the game to be fully ported in 4 months ---

However, there still exist things that need to be done after the fact, if I do not do them on the way there:

* testing (modular?)
* implementation of savegame features [replacing the SharedObject implementation] - estimated time - approx 24 hours

Some things that might go into a separate branch maybe

* removing redundant declarations that just hand forward accessible methods [GameManager, which I just finished, has tons of those]
* check for unused methods and remove them
* apply best practices methods I know from java - too many things to list here, maybe too hard to find, we will see

So, it is unclear how much time I will spend when I am done with the pure code.

But I see the big class "Turret" still waiting in line - oh and I will have to do the GUIs and the actual turret actors. This will need designing and/or a way of getting the sprites I have now into this system. And I fear a decent number of things will not work out of the box - and I am not a designer :O

Anyway, I will get this done, I am pretty pumped still, and dedicated to get this done. Maybe I will do motivational streams where some ppl might watch and get hyped on the way? Who knows ^^

Sub to the channel that owns the video linked on the 3rd of December for updates on that. Or check my twitter :)

That's it for today, talk to you later. Have a Christmas-y Chrismas!

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03/12/17 ( 00:23:13 ) - Animation #coding

Hey there ^^

Today I want to present to you a little demo of what I have been working on the whole day:

Next to adding some blast implementations, this is what I have been finally able to make work!

The movement of the black hole debris uses a framework that will replace the former Flash-MovieClip-move-to-point "VisualEffect" object, and the Combonly rings work in the very same way, they just rotate and do not change position.

The new VisualEffect class will be used to do everything that the former MovieClip system was able to provide:

* Moving
* Rotation
* Alpha / Color tint changes
* Function calls "on Completion"
* Width
* Height
* Scale

Particularly the width and height will pose some issues because the Unreal Engine works with scale rather with actual pixel sizes. I touched on that subject in the last post, there is a solution to that, and it should work :)

Back to work ;)

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